Green Mile Landscaping Corp. has the following employment opportunities.  

1.Lawn & Garden Maintenance Watering, Gardening, Cutting grass, Weed whacking, etc.

2.Construction Helper  Perform heavy lifting, wheel barrowing, Hardscape, etc  

3. Superintendent  Plan & Execute daily work schedules, Maximize field production, Manage Material budgets, Lead team of 1-4 people, Achieve safety & embrace Mentor Program.  

All positions listed above are being continually filled and if we do not have an opening at the present time, applicants will be contacted when required in the future.  Green Mile Landscaping offers competitive wages and physical outdoor work. We ask that all applicants be aware before posting resumes that this is hard work and sometimes weather conditions are less than comfortable (i.e. hot, cold, rainy, etc.).  Please summit your resume by e-mail to: